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Introducing Evolve Gateway

Evolve Gateway Sdn Bhd established in Malaysia, specialized in carry and implemented business solution to benefit local SMEs business. We believe innovation technology makes people’s life better and easier, so do our client’s business. Among those brands we carry are Lightspeed, Advocado and Mobikon, allowing local Entrepreneur utilize the world class technology business tools. With more than 10 years of experience in F&B and Retail Industries, we helps customers transform and EVOLVE their business to be on par with international level business, and expand along the way.

Services That We Provide


What Brand We Carry

Lightspeed is the leading provider of cloud-based point of sale solutions. Join the growing number of independent businesses choosing us to handle their day-to-day sales, customer management and inventory needs. Our cloud-based POS system will help you manage staff, serve customers and monitor performance, so you can ensure guest get the best.

We create advocado to empower business to engage their customers in elegant way, at the same time generating real tangible cashflow.

Mobikon is the single platform for your restaurant business.

Food Market Hub is an easy to use Inventory Management and Purchasing System specifically designed for restaurant and central kitchen. Great solution for restaurant s which had stores and central kitchen to control daily purchasing  and stock balance. Allow management to provide high-level overview on every restaurant daily profit & loss.

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If you’re interested in driving revenue online, growing market share, and staying ahead of your competition, then get in touch.